Celebrating Great Park


Great Park DVDThis DVD offers viewers glimpses of the rich history of what was the beloved Wolmarans Street Shul – and has become the Great Park. Drawing on rare archival footage, Celebrating Great Park commemorates some of the most moving moments in the congregation’s history, pausing to honour its rabbis, and celebrating its music. It’s an emotional record of triumph in the face of adversity, of a community facing the many challenges of a swiftly changing society, and it climaxes in the joyous centennial of the laying of Wolmarans Street Shul’s foundation stone.

Extra features on the DVD:

  • A gallery of images of the people, the buildings and the cityscapes that helped shape the Great Park congregation.
  • A newspaper archive detailing some of the key events from 1887 to 2013.
  • A rich audio archive which includes the voices of Rabbis Rabinowitz, Casper and Harris – some items of which have not been heard since their original radio broadcasts.
  • An extraordinary film archive, including a rare 1928 sequence of Rabbi Landau, Rabbi Rabinowitz’s farewell in 1961, and Felix Landau’s memories of his father’s 40 years as leader of the congregation.
  • Interviews with members of the congregation spanning generations, and three synagogues: Wolmarans, Currie Street, and Great Park.
  • A feature on the Community Centre.
  • A selection of wedding photographs spanning many decades, with Johnny Gluck’s rendition of Sheva Berochos.
  • A treasury of performances by some of the Wolmarans Street chazans.
  • Moments from the centenary dinner, including Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks’ address.

 To purchase a copy of Celebrating Great Park at a cost of R400 please contact Andy Spitz via email or phone her on +27829530703  or contact Trish Urquhart via email  or phone her on +27826072464 or buy one directly from  Great Park  – speak to Sandy Zacharowitz.

International orders

To pay via PayPal using your debit or credit card or PayPal account at the cost of US$45 (includes postage) please click the button below

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50% of all profits will go to Great Park


GreatPark Centenary

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