Johannesburg Anti-Xenophobia March – 23 April 2015

After a moment’s silence in memory of those who have been killed in acts of xenophobic violence in South Africa now and since 2008, thousands of people marched through the streets of Johannesburg.

The statement announcing the march read:

“The attacks against foreigners in KwaZulu Natal, Johannesburg and other parts of our country are shameful. If we close our eyes, or turn away, we bring shame on ourselves.

The attacks present South Africans to the world as a barbaric, violent and murderous nation. We are not. Our march will show another South Africa to ourselves and the world.

We are the country of Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and all people who gave their lives for freedom. In our freedom struggle we had vital help from our sisters, brothers and comrades throughout Africa and the World. In 1994 we voted for peace, not war. We have the fairest Constitution in the world – that protects ALL who live here…

…We will march to celebrate our solidarity with everyone from other countries living amongst us – particularly the poor, people seeking refuge, and political and economic migrants who have come to our country to try and survive.

We will march to show our deep concern and solidarity to all poor communities where chronic unemployment, inadequate housing, rising crime and bad schools have become the norm…”

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